Curtain Wall Mockup Support

Product Description

MCDS PRO  has an a reputation  on manufacturing curtain wall systems with extruded aluminum framing members for several projects in the US and Canada.  A curtain wall system is an outer covering of a building in which the outer walls are non-structural, utilized only to keep the weather out and the occupants in.  Curtain wall systems are typically designed with extruded aluminum framing members, although the first curtain walls were made with steel frames. The aluminum frame is typically infilled with glass, which provides an architecturally pleasing building, as well as benefits such as daylighting.

Mockup testing is a popular and effective way to evaluate the design of a custom curtain wall system and to confirm its ability to meet the specified performance criteria.The curtain wall mockup will help consultant or architect to ensure it incorporates all critical components of the curtain wall, including stack joints, inside and outside corners, operable vents, maximum glass sizes, and mullion spans. The consultant or architect will also develop a test procedure, which almost always includes air infiltration testing, water penetration resistance testing (using both static and dynamic pressures), and structural load testing. We supply RUSH parts, constant support to our customers and have their critical components on time.